Here is the range of my ever-popular skeletons known as BusyBodies, all busy performing a variety of activities.

Human anatomy diagrams are used to assist the accuracy of all ‘bones’. Photographs are also used for correct positioning of limbs etc. All BusyBodies are free standing for ease of displaying.

Don’t forget, Busy Bodies can do virtually any activity, so if you can’t see the one your looking for, please ask.

BusyBodies are divided up into 3 categories for ease of searching.

You are sure to find a BusyBody to suit anyone as they make fantastic and unusual gifts for any event!


“Lovely figure, very detailed and unique – many thanks.”
“An original and beautifully made figure, thanks.”
“Your BusyBodies look so good.”
“What an interesting thing! Thanks.”


 BusyBodies stand approx. 15cm in height, sitting figures approx. 12cm. Overall heights vary depending on each activity.


 BusyBody facts and figures

  • Current BusyBody world population is now over 3300!

  • Each BusyBody contains about 2.5 metres of wire.

  • Over 100 different activities.

  • Musical BusyBodies are the most popular figures.

  • All have 12 pairs of ribs, 10 fingers and 10 toes.

  • BusyBodies take about 1 hour to construct.

  • All have ‘bones’ like you and I: scapula, sternum, clavicle, coccyx, vertebral column, pelvis, humerus, phalanges, femur……..

  • BusyBodies can do virtually any activity – if a human can do it, a BusyBody can do it!