I have been crafting my wire designs since 1997.

I decided to combine my soldering skills honed through over 10 years in the electronics industry with my creative and artistic abilities.


The manufacture of my wire designs is a long and intricate process; very time consuming, but thoroughly enjoyable! My aim is always a high level of detail and accuracy to ensure a quality product that will bring you just as much enjoyment as I get in hand-crafting them.

All models are constructed from tinned copper wire which is available in various guages or thicknesses. Lead-free solder is used, making the finished product much cleaner with less flux residue to clean.  All parts are cut and shaped using a variety of  tools and formers, and are then soldered with the utmost precision. Most models take many hours to complete which demands much concentration.


The final product is is a quality item, totally unique and entirely hand-crafted, worthy of any collection and the perfect solution to gift dilemmas for all occasions.


Craftsmanship superb!
Great, nice finish
Unique and beautifully made
Piece of art!
Your wire sculptures are fantastically detailed works of art and a testament to your soldering skills.
Amazing unique hand crafted item.