Soldering Services

As a former Electronics Engineer, I have many years of experience populating and soldering printed circuit boards. The products shown on this website are a testimony to my precision soldering skills.

I can undertake any electronic assembly work you may have from construction of multiple PCB’s to building electronic kits and modules. Don’t let your lack of soldering skills ruin your project and render it unusable!

  • PCB population and soldering
  • Kit and module construction
  • Wire tinning
  • Connector assembly
  • Any precision soldering job

Contact me to discuss any soldering and assembly requirements you may have and I will be happy to provide a quotation.

Recent work

Recently completed flight simulator project.All panels, systems and wiring designed, manufactured and installed by HOTWIRE CRAFTS.

  • Embraer Phenon 100 replica flightdeck
  • Over 100 working controls
  • LED Backlit panels
  • 2 flight control yokes and rudder pedals
  • Surround sound for increased authenticity
  • Large 55″ LED display with full HD
  • Customised circuitry to replicate the real aircraft systems
  • Expertly wired and commisssioned by HOTWIRE CRAFT’s Barry McCall.

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